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Textile Spinning and Weaving Spares


steep Autoconer Spares
steep TFO Spares
steep Cone & Cheese Winding
steep Ring Frame Spares
steep Rieter Spares
steep Cimmco Spares
steep Sulzer Spares
steep Dornier Spares
steep Picanol Spares
steep Tsudakoma Airjet Spares
steep Dornier Airjet Spares
steep Picanol Solenoid Valves
steep NP Loom Spares
steep Toyota Airjet Spares
steep Complete Range of Weaving Accessories
(As per Cimmco Design & Standard)
Terry Towel (Automatic)
steep Under Pick
steep Automatic
steep Overpick


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Our Valuable Services...

1. CONVERSION OF LOOMS: We undertake conversion of Cimmco Drop Box Loom to Automatic Looms. Cimmco Loose Reed Loom to Fast Reed Loom and any other conversion
as per client requirement.

2. OVERHAULING AND MAINTAINENCE OF LOOMS : We undertake complete overhauling and maintenance at all types of Cimmco Looms as per Cimmco gauging and standard

3. CATALOGUE SERVICES: Al types of Cimmco Loom catalogues are provided to our client in electronic format or hard copy.

4. Overhauling and maintenance of Cone & Cheese Winding machines.

5. TECHICAL CONSULTANCY SEVICES: All technical support will be provided to the new entrepreneurs. Advice related to development work on looms, installation of various motion such as warp stop motion let off etc.

6. SOURCING AND SUPPLYING NEW AND USED MACHINERY: Our services include assistance in importing of new or second hand machineries, such as Blow Room, Carding,
Draw Frame, Simplex, Comber, Sliver Lap, Ribbon Lap, Ring Frame, Auto Coner etc.

7. SCIENTIFIC WORK METHOD TRAINING: All necessary training will be provided in the efficient utilization of the machineries.

8. MODERNISATION OF EXISTING PLANT AND MACHINERY: We shall assist you in modernizing your existing plant and machinery with suitable changes and up gradation.

9. AUTOMATING THE EXISTING PLANT & MACHINERY: Our service also include assisting you in automating your existing plant and machinery with latest technology.

10. SOURCING THE SPARE PARTS: We extend assistance in securing the necessary spare parts from the world over.

11. VALUATION AND AUDITING OF THE PLANT AND MACHINERY: We also extend our service in valuation and auditing of your plant and machinery.


steep Conjverstion of Looms
steep Servicing and Maintinance of Looms
steep AMC of Looms
steep Over Howling & Maintenance of Do
steep Any Kinds of Design & Developement Work on Looms
steep Reparing & Reconditioning of Repair Head and it Spares
steep Rep &
steep AMC of Looms


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