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Overpick Loom
(As per Cimmco Design & Standard)

Automatic Loom 72"

Loom built on standard frame of graded heavy duty casting all breasing members of
casting with highly polished breast beam surface, with single top rail.

Main bearing & bush for crank and tappet shaft are made in close tolerance for
longer life, Crank shaft forged out of 50M/M, Tested Steel, Crank throw 3” machined
in a close tolerance. Tappet shaft of 1 5/8” dia. Tested steel machined in close
tolerance. ‘A’ section ‘V’ Groove pulley drive.

Crank & Tappet wheel are of graded casting with 4 dp. Machined cut teeth.

Double set of tappet with smooth surface & 80” Dwell for shed opening for longer time for better shuttle flight. Heald shaft with boss supplied.

Pickless 7 wheel take up motion with all machined cut gears and penion & ratchet
wheel with slip catch system.

Sley made out of seasioned wood, all c.i. parts machined in close tolerance & polished
surface, sley to suit 16”x 1 13/16 x 1 3/8 x 87° swell. Stop rod & duck bill hiters of
graded casting.

Over Picking arrangement & with picking boss plate, bowl of graded casting one pair
of laminated wood picking stick.

Side weft fork system to stop the loom on weft break.

Weigh & weigh lever arrangement let of motion for beam without ream pipe.

Back rest of single pipe or two bar design with eccentric on crank shaft

NOTE : Loom Can be supplied with following at extra cost.

  1. Double top rail of M.S.Channel.
  2. Loom on tapestry (Deeper) frame to accommodate upto 16 heald frame.
  3. Spring loaded let off motion.
  4. Oiling system for main rearing.


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